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Financial Accountability and Freedom of Information

Each of the charities that comprise United Learning is subject each year to external audit and to meeting the requirements of bodies such as the Charity Commission, the Department for Education and the Education Funding Agency.

We are likewise accountable to parents for the fees they pay at our independent schools and to the government and taxpayer for public monies we receive.

As an academy sponsor, we are acutely are of the responsibility that comes with public funding and, as such, use our freedoms wisely, putting the educational needs of our students at the heart of everything we do.

Each year our financial accounts are externally audited and reviewed by the Charity Commission, the Education Funding Agency and Grant Thornton (chartered accountants). We have always received an entirely clean bill of health from this process. 

United Learning is committed to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000 and to the principles of accountability and the general rights of access to information, subject to legal exemptions.  The FOIA applies to our academies but not to our independent schools.

You can download documentation relating to our Freedom of Information policy and procedure using the links to the left.

Please read the Freedom of Information policy in conjunction with the Freedom of Information procedure before submitting a request.  If you require hard copies of any of the documents within the Publication Scheme, please contact the Company Secretary by post or e-mail:

United Learning
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To help us process your request quickly please clearly mark any correspondence: ‘PUBLICATION SCHEME REQUEST’

Financial Information

The annual accounts for year ending August 31st 2012 can be viewed here.

** Alongside the United Learning Trust Master Funding Agreement, there are also supplemental agreements for each individual academy are now hosted on their individual performance pages. These can be viewed here.

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