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Art Students Make an Impact with Lincoln Knight’s Trail

Art Students Make an Impact with Lincoln Knight’s Trail

Students from Lincoln Minster School have spent six months decorating a statue of a Knight, which features as part of the city of Lincoln’s Education Knights Trail.

Students from Lincoln Minster School have spent six months decorating a statue of a knight, which is featuring as part of the city of Lincoln’s Education Knights’ Trail.

The project was also part of a month-long, national cultural celebration – IDeas Festival – run by United Learning, the schools group which Lincoln Minster School is part of. The idea behind the festival is to get schools across the Group exploring ideas about their local, school and national identity and using these to enrich their curriculum.

The Lincoln Knights’ Trail project enabled Lincoln Minster School to embed key topics concerning the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln and the sealing of the Charter of the Forest, often overlooked moments in our local history, into the school curriculum.

For the development of their knight Sir Jonathan Gwayne, Lincoln Minster School students took their inspiration from the pottery of Grayson Perry. They used an intricate illustration of a tree as a symbol of life, representing community and growth. Students also gained inspiration for the artistic techniques they used from medieval illuminated manuscripts as well as traditional religious polychrome sculptures from the South of Spain.

Yushi Li, a Year 10 Art student, said:

“This project has been a good way to develop team-working skills as art can often be a very individual experience; working on the knight as part of a team has involved working together to achieve the finished piece which has been a great experience.”

Katie Chennels, Year 10, said:

“I’ve been surprised by how many people have congratulated us on our work. It is really nice that as a team we have been recognised for our work.”

Alicia Corral, Knight Team Art Co-Ordinator at Lincoln Minster School, said:

“I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to pass on my knowledge of traditional religious polychromy techniques from my native town of Seville to such an amazing group of passionate and committed young people, so keen to learn and try out new experiences.”

The project has also sparked a range of cross-curricular activities and cultural exchanges between students and their local community, including a Cathedral Illuminator workshop and a session learning to gild letters and shields. These experiences have allowed students to learn more about how historical figures and events have shaped Lincoln as well as strengthening links with local institutions such as Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Castle.

Students who were part of the LMS Knight Team have since led assemblies for their peers across Key Stages 3 and 4, explaining the project and the contextual background. Other in-school activities for IDeas Festival have included:

  • A Knights’ Trail inspired Year 6 Induction Day, where tasks included ‘Pizza Battlements’ and ‘Make your own clay knight relief’;
  • A trip to Lincoln Castle to see the Magna Carta and the Domesday Book;
  • A non-uniform day in aid of the NOMAD trust, the Knights’ Trail’s designated local charity;
  • A Year 10 graphic design project exploring the use of typography to illustrate conflict poems – linked to the British values stemming from the Magna Carta;
  • Duke of Edinburgh bronze teams using their trip to the Lincolnshire Wolds to photograph, celebrate and reflect on the values and permanence of the Charter of the Forest. 

Find out more about the Knights’ Trail at www.knightstrail.com

To find out more about the IDeas Festival, please visit our dedicated microsite.


Posted: Jun 28, 2017,
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