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Trumpington Community College celebrates GCSE success

Trumpington Community College celebrates GCSE success

Students at Trumpington Community College have been celebrating their time at the school, after receiving their GCSE grades today, and looking ahead to bright futures.

This year, GCSEs were awarded following Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) due to the cancellation of external examinations. As part of this rigorous assessment process, students at Trumpington sat a series of moderated exams to demonstrate the progress they had made.

Today was therefore an opportunity to reflect on students’ hard work over the past five years, as well as their most valued and favourite parts of their school experience. The vast majority will now be heading off to Sixth Forms and Colleges across Cambridge, including Hills Road, Long Road, Impington International College, Cambridge Regional College and the College of West Anglia.

Among those celebrating today were:

  • Corbin Mortimer, who was awarded eight Grade 9s, a Grade 7 and a Grade 6;
  • Lily Ong, who was awarded four Grade 9s, four Grade 8s, a Grade 7 and a Grade 6;
  • Neo Camat, who was awarded three Grade 9s, four Grade 8s and three Grade 7s;
  • Leina Mabrouk, who was awarded four Grade 9s, two Grade 8s, two Grade 7s, a Grade 6 and a Grade 5;
  • Miracle Kamara-Musa, who was awarded two Grade 9s, three Grade 7s and four Grade 6s;
  • Ray Chadwick, who was awarded four Grade 9s, a Grade 8, two Grade 7s, a Grade 6 and a Grade 5.

Commenting on the support they received over their studies, Neo Camat said:

“Teachers helped so much throughout the constant change and disruption caused by Covid. The online live lessons allowed me to learn at home and continued to reiterate the high expectations teachers held for us. I was really aware of wanting to make my parents proud."

Corbin Mortimer – who achieved the top Grade 9s in almost all of their subjects –added:

“The fact that all students at Trumpington already had Chromebooks meant that all students could access online live lessons during lockdown. I really felt stretched and challenged this year. The teachers were really knowledgeable about how to gain those top grades at GCSE."

Lily Ong also said of her GCSE learning at Trumpington:

"We were really prioritised as a year group. I felt really seen by staff and the positive relationships with staff and with other Year 11s meant that I was well supported. It is a real benefit of attending a smaller school."

Leina Mabrouk, who achieved several of the highest Grade 9s, said:

"Having only arrived in England from Italy in Year 10, I felt as if I always had to catch up. I read widely (reading almost a book a day during lockdown!) and teachers and my parents helped me aspire to high grades. The school was a great support for me."

Commenting on students’ success, Matt Oughton, Principal of Trumpington Community College, said:

“We are enormously proud of all our students celebrating today – each of them deserves to feel great pride in what they have achieved, as an important stepping stone to the next stage of their education and lives.

“Although the past year offered many challenges, as staff we have been amazed by students’ resilience and determination. They not only adapted brilliantly to home learning, but maintained that momentum back in their classrooms and committed to doing the very best in their GCSE studies.

“Throughout, the support of parents and families has been essential and we would like to thank them, along with our fantastic team of staff, for all they have contributed as part of our school community.”


Posted: Aug 12, 2021,
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