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The Pupil Charter

United Learning schools aim to develop character, compassion and service. We want young people to look back on a joyful schooling which has inspired and challenged them, given them wide opportunity and prepared them for life’s broad experiences. As such, we have devised ‘The Pupil Charter’, which sets our expectations for the wider opportunities that each pupil will access during their career in a United Learning school.


The United Learning Pupil Charter

I am a pupil at a United Learning School, by the end of my time at school l will have:

  • 1Participated in an individual or team sporting activity for at least half a term
  • 2Participated in a music or performing arts activity for at least half a term
  • 3Helped others by participating in a social action campaign or by volunteering my time
  • 4Committed to three other activities by attending each for at least half a term (or equivalent)
  • 5Attended two cultural, artistic or sporting events, with at least one outside my local area
  • 6Represented my school/house/year group by taking part in a cultural, artistic, charitable or sporting event to an audience outside my school
  • 7Heard from an inspirational speaker
  • 8Had a chance to share my views about school via the pupil leadership structure
  • 9Attended a residential trip
  • 10Had my talents celebrated and recognised
  • 11Participated in three experiences that helped me make informed decisions about my future and how to get there (secondary only)

United Learning is also delighted to work in partnership with a number of charities and organisations who support our work to ensure that every single pupil receives an excellent school experience.



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