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GCSE Results

Impressive Results at Hampshire Collegiate School

Impressive Results at Hampshire Collegiate School

Students at Hampshire Collegiate School celebrate their exam success

GCSE results at Hampshire Collegiate School are once again very impressive, surpassing last year’s percentages of 5 A*-C and A*-C. This year

  • 9% were A*
  • 35% A*/A 
  • 66% A*-B
  • 90% A*-C 

Those gaining at least 5A*-C or more were 90%, and 90% of the papers gained A*-C.


At least 10 students gained over 500 points:


  • Maria Naguib with 10.5 A*/A
  • Navdeep Shahi with 10.0 A*/A
  • Madison Taylor with 9.5 A*/A
  • Candice Rademaker with 9.0 A*/A
  • Michelle Ku, Jade Neville, and Taylor Liesnham each with 8.0 A*/A
  • Jennifer Prince with 7.5 A*/A
  • Joseph Perriam with 7.0 A*/A
  • William Henshaw with 6.0 A*/A. 

 Isobel Morrow came close to 500 points with 8.0 A*/A, and Emily-Kate Stuart with 9.0 A*/A. These are truly exceptional results.


Student Emily-Kate Stuart, 16, said: “I was very excited. I am pleased all the hard work paid off. I am looking forward to studying A level History, English Lit, French and Drama at HCS in September.” 


Candice Rademaker, 16 commented: “I am very happy and really thrilled with my results.”

HCS Principal Hector MacDonald said: “Once again the dedication of talented teachers and good attitude from the students have combined to give fine GCSE results. From a more technical perspective our value added results per subject and per student have risen, proving that year upon year we are serving cohorts of students of a broad range of abilities really well – we are getting better and better at what we do best, staying committed to great outcomes for all. We truly do bring out the best in every one”.


Posted: Aug 22, 2013,
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