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GCSE Results

Manchester Academy Celebrates GCSE Results

8 students receive the very top grade of 9

Students and staff at Manchester Academy are today celebrating their GCSE results, with 42% receiving 5 or more A*-C, including a 4 or above for English and maths.

This year, English and maths grades were awarded a numeric value, with 9 being the new top grade, representing the very best of performance.

There were a number of students who achieved the highest grades, including

  • Faiza Omar and Aquil Matin, both who gained 5A* and 3 A grades.  Faiza also achieved the top grade of 9 in maths and English Literature.
  • Aimen Asif achieved 6A* and an A,
  • Ronan Timircan achieved 4A* and 5 A grades.

Also of note were those students who achieved the brand new top grade of 9. In maths, grade 9 was achieved by Yaser Alhamwy, Mirza Baig, Aqil Matin and Kieran Tickell.

The highest grade of 9 was achieved in English Language by Ronan Timircan and in English Literature the top grade was awarded to Mojdah Waliezada.

Andrew Griffin, Manchester Academy’s Executive Principal, said:

“I am very pleased for those students celebrating good results today, which will open doors for them to study strong academic subjects at 6th Form and beyond. I am particularly delighted for those students who have received the new top grades, which puts them in the top 4% nationally and I congratulate them on this success.”

Posted: Aug 24, 2017,
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