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Following the great success of the Spirit of Rio Cultural Festival last summer we are very excited to be holding a second Cultural Festival in summer 2017 – 'The IDeas Festival'.

Between June 20th and July 20th, United Learning schools will be celebrating and sharing ideas on how they can use their local, regional and national identity ('ID') to enrich the curriculum, both inside and outside the classroom. There will be a range of Group-led activities taking place across the country, including music and dance events, film and photography festivals, and the International High School Arts Festival. Additionally, schools will be hosting their own activities including art and photography exhibitions; themed fashion shows; themed award ceremonies; lessons on school identity and/or local heritage; fundraising for a local charity; social enterprise programmes; talent show; curriculum based activities; and working with local athletes or businesses.... the list is endless!

More than 7,340 pupils joined us celebrating the Olympics and Paralympics games last summer. We’re making summer 2017 another one to remember, join us for the IDeas Festival! Be creative, be inspired and celebrate The IDeas Festival with us #IDeasFest17

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To keep up with the activities taking place across the Group, bookmark his page or follow us on social media using #IDeasFest17! 

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