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Reach for the Future!

Year 8 students plan ahead as part of new Salford City Academy careers initiative

Salford City Academy has launched a brand new careers programme for Year 8 students called ‘Reach for the Future.’

The aim of the programme is to prepare the students for life beyond the academy, both inspiring them and increasing their knowledge through STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) related activities.

Run over a five-week period, activities include:

  • ‘Introductions and games’ – Introducing the programme through a variety of drama games, helping those taking part to build confidence and become more accustomed to public speaking
  • ‘Paper bag challenges’ – A group based activity with an engineering theme, with teams tasked with designing and building a product from items in a paper bag
  • ‘MTQ48’ – A mental toughness questionnaire, with the students using the internet for support
  • ‘Pass the compliment’ – A journey of self discovery, as participants learn about themselves through the views of their peers
  • ‘Accept the Challenge, Face the Fear’ – Using the skills acquired during previous weeks, students take part in a series of team based challenges, held over an hour

‘Reach for the Future’ will also continue across the academic year, with the Year 8’s split into three groups, each meeting with a coach from Careers Connect, as well as taking part in their own careers fair in April 2017.

Commenting on the programme, Salford City Academy’s Head of Careers Amy Barlow said:

“We wanted those taking part to think differently and learn new skills through a variety of different activities – skills with a long term impact, helping them in their future careers.”

Posted: Oct 26, 2016,
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