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Walthamstow Academy Maintains Strong GCSE Success

Walthamstow Academy Maintains Strong GCSE Success

Students at Walthamstow Academy have maintained the school’s strong track record in GCSE results this year with 64% achieving five or more A*-C grades including a 4 or above in both English and maths.

Furthermore, with the changes to the way English and maths are graded, the highest performers are now able to demonstrate their ability through receiving a 9 for those subjects.

Overall, 24.79% of entries were awarded an A* or an A (including the equivalent numeric grades).

Amongst those celebrating today were:

  •  Nimal Fiaz whose results included two 9s, 3 A*s and 3 As.

Nimal said:

“Seeing my friends opening their results was the most amazing moment but when it was my turn, it was quite overwhelming.  However, all my worries were washed away when I saw Grade 9.  I had tried my best and when your teacher says hard work pays off, they mean it.”

  • Robert Bell whose results included a 9, an 8 and 4 A*/As

Robert said:

“Opening my results was amazing, an unbeatable feeling knowing all my hard work had paid off.  Years of studying at the academy, being pushed to do my best has resulted to a future of my choice.  I am so thankful to Walthamstow Academy.”

  • Yousra Haji whose  results included a 9, an 8, 6A*A and a Distinction*

Yousra said:

“Opening my envelope was the most exciting thing ever.  Reading my results, I was overwhelmed.  Seeing that I had done so well made me so proud of myself that all these years that I had put in so much effort to achieve the best in me.  I’d like to thank my teachers for all the support and I hope that my future is bright.”

  • Kate Fielder, whose results included a 9, an 8, a 7 and 2 A*s and As

Kate said:

“I am so incredibly overwhelmed with the results I have received today.  I would not have achieved them without the continued support of all of the great teachers and staff at Walthamstow Academy.  The memories and friends I have made over the past five years will stay with me forever.”

Emma Skae, Principal of Walthamstow Academy, said:

“There are some excellent results here that demonstrate the hard work of students at the academy. We are always encouraging our students to try for the very best and so it is very pleasing to see students who are celebrating being awarded the new top grade in English and maths.

“Today’s results will mean that many of our students will now be able to take up places in our Sixth Form and we look forward to welcoming them back in September to continue their education at Walthamstow Academy.”


Posted: Aug 24, 2017,
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