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Powerful Knowledge
Powerful Knowledge
Technology for Learning
We conducted the pilot of our United Classroom initiative offering GCSE Astronomy to Year 9 and
10 students from Lambeth Academy and Surbiton High School, successfully providing them with
access to a highly academic subject that they would not otherwise be able to study. The scheme
harnesses the scale of the Group to provide, at an affordable cost, subjects that schools are not
often able to deliver due to unsustainable class sizes and the lack of appropriately qualified
teachers. The initiative utilises free technologies such as Google Apps for Education to make this
possible, from instituting live classes via Google Hangouts to sharing files through Google Docs.
The Group has also extended its use of 1-to-1 solutions, aiming to give every pupil access to
a computer of their own. Good examples of this can be seen at both primary and secondary
level, independent and state, from Guildford High School to Accrington Academy and Southway
Primary School. The Central Office is supporting this through ensuring that the educational
benefits of iPads and other tools are realised through high-quality technology, implementation
and training. The focus is not on using technology for its novelty value, but using it well to
enhance, deepen and accelerate existing learning and teaching practices.
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