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The Best From Everyone
United Learning 2014-15
Welcome to The Best From Everyone: United Learning 2014/15.
I hope, in browsing these pages, you get a picture of the highlights of our year
as charities and as a group of schools and academies.
Each year we strive to innovate and outperform our previous best in order to
provide our students with an excellent education and our colleagues with the
support and development that can only come from working within a unique
group such as ours.
The success of any organisation is down to its people and I would like to thank everyone –
students, staff, governors, volunteers, trustees, advisors and our Central Office team – for their
hard work and dedication as we celebrate another strong year as a group.
Jon Coles
Chief Executive
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About United Learning
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Powerful Knowledge
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Education with Character
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Oustanding People and Leadership
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An Enabling Centre
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Creating and Maintaining Exceptional Working Environments Page 47
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