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About United Learning
At A Level:
68.9% of entries were awarded A*-C
The overall pass rate was 97.2%
49.8% of students achieved five or more A*-C grades including English and maths
71% of students made at least expected progress in English
62% of students made at least expected progress in maths
There were some notable improvements and successes:
Our Swindon academies were two of only three schools in the area that improved their results:
• Nova Hreod Academy’s results doubled to 60% (5+ A*-C including English and maths);
• SwindonAcademy’s results improved by 13 percentage points to 53% (5+A*-C including
English and maths);
Richard Rose Central
Richard Rose Morton Academies
achieved their highest ever
results either as academies or predecessor schools increasing by 16 and 15 percentage
points to 45% and 52% (5+ A*-C including English and maths) respectively;
Kettering Buccleuch Academy
rose 10 percentage points to its highest ever results of 52%
(5+ A*-C including English and maths);
Stockport Academy’s
results increased by 11 percentage points to 45% (5+ A*-C including
English and maths) and was the most improved school in the area;
Walthamstow Academy
rose 10 percentage points to achieve its best ever results – 69% (5+ A*-C
including English and maths) making it the joint second highest performing school in its borough.
Nine of our academies received full Ofsted inspections during the academic year. Five received
strong Good outcomes – Accrington Academy, Glenmoor Academy, Stockport Academy, Winton
Academy and Wye School.
Of the remaining four, two were removed from Special Measures during their inspection including
Richard Rose Central Academy which joined the Group in September 2014.
About United Learning
Kelsey Mills, Richard Rose Sixth Form College
After achieving 3 A*s, 4 As and 2 Bs at GCSE at Richard Rose Central Academy, Kelsey Mills
decided to continue her education at Richard Rose Sixth Form College. She achieved 3 As and
a B at AS Level and is now applying to university to study Psychology.
Here, Kelsey explains how the Richard Rose Sixth Form has helped her make important decisions
about her future:
“I have always felt incredibly supported by my teachers at Richard Rose. Whether it is in revision
classes after school or in the holidays or one-to-one catch-up classes, I know that my teachers
are always on hand to help me achieve the grades I need. Since the academies joined United
Learning, there has been a big difference in the quality of teaching standards and there is so
much more support available.
“My teachers have been equally supportive in helping me make important decisions about my
future. I have always had an interest in psychology but through careers fairs and university talks
organised by the academy, I have been able to identify the most suitable university courses for
me. My teachers have given me the confidence to apply for university which, along with my twin
sister who is also at the Richard Rose Sixth Form, would make me the first in my family to go on
to higher education. The academy is also helping me set up work experience with people who
work in psychology so that my university application can be as good as it can be.”
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