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About United Learning
Rayma Risquet, Walthamstow Academy
Rayma Risquet joined Walthamstow Academy in Year 7 and was immediately
enrolled in its Gifted and Talented Programme. This summer she achieved 11
A*s at GCSE making her Walthamstow Academy’s highest achieving student
in 2015. In July, she won the Group’s Best in Everyone Award for French.
Here, Rayma explains the impact Walthamstow Academy has had on her:
“For me, Walthamstow Academy is more than just about achieving exam
results; it is a place that has helped me grow in confidence and realise my
ambitions for the future. Through the opportunities to take on roles such as Prefect, Student
Council Member and Student Ambassador, I have learned how to handle responsibility and
make important decisions.
About United Learning
“I have really benefited from my involvement in the academy’s Senior Debate Club. The Club,
which is run by the Gifted and Talented students, gave me invaluable experience in public
speaking and gave me the confidence to express my opinions. It also expanded my mind and
encouraged me to find out what was happening around the world and form a considered view.
Whilst these debates broadened my horizons, the subject matter came in very handy when
completing my geography and English language coursework!
“I had been offered places at several local colleges for Sixth Form but once I saw my GCSE
grades, I decided to stay at the academy as I realised that I couldn’t have achieved these results
without the support and encouragement of all my teachers. It was because they always went
the extra mile for me that I achieved these grades and I believe that they can help me realise my
dream of studying Medicine at university.”
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