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There were significant improvements in Good Level of Development (GLD) achievement, with
the Group average increasing from 54% to 62%.
Four out of the five of our primary academies receiving full Ofsted inspections during the academic
year were judged to be Good – Abbey Hey Primary Academy, Grange Primary Academy, Hanwell
Fields Community School and The Victory Primary School.
Closing the Gap
We remain committed to ensuring our Free School Meals’ students are given every opportunity
to succeed and place a strong emphasis on helping them achieve excellent academic results.
Amongst Free School Meals’ pupils at our primary academies, the percentage achieving a Level
4 in reading, writing and maths at the end of Key Stage 2 was 75% in August 2015. This is an
increase of 11 percentage points compared with 2014. For the primary group as a whole, there
is no longer a difference at Key Stage 2 on attainment and progress measures between those on
Free School Meals and those not.
At secondary level, the number of Free School Meals’ students gaining five or more A*-C GCSEs
(including English and maths) improved to 40% from 37% in one year. This is in line with the
improvement amongst students generally in the Group.
About United Learning
About United Learning
Improving Primary School Performance
Across our independent primary schools, three quarters of pupils achieved Level 5 or higher at Key
Stage 2 with Ashford School seeing a 24 percentage point increase compared to the year before.
The percentage of pupils achieving Level 5 or higher in writing increased by 8 percentage points
to 64% with attainment at Hull Collegiate School increasing by 17 percentage points. Maths also
saw an improvement with a 3 percentage point increase in the number of pupils gaining Level 5
or higher. Bournemouth Collegiate School improved their performance by 16 percentage points.
The proportion of pupils meeting the phonics standard at the end of Year 1 increased or
remained the same in almost all our primary academies – with an average 5 percentage point
increase across the Group. Particularly strong improvements in this respect were seen at Abbey
Hey Primary Academy, Beacon View Primary Academy, Hanwell Fields Community School and
Swindon Academy. Corngreaves Primary Academy remained our highest performing primary
academy with a score of 93%.
There were improvements in Key Stage 2 writing and in spelling, punctuation and grammar
(SPaG). The proportion of pupils achieving Level 4 and above in reading, writing and maths
combined increased in around half our primary academies – with significant progress seen at
Swindon Academy, Beacon View Primary Academy, The Victory Primary School and Silverdale
Primary Academy (which made a 27 percentage point increase on its 2013/4 results).
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