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What Makes a Great School

What Makes a Great School sets out the key elements that make up many of the best schools.

The book challenges the current school improvement trend of focusing on addressing weaknesses in poor and coasting schools.  Instead, using practical examples from across United Learning and London Challenge’s ‘Good to Great’ programme, author Andy Buck advocates the importance of fostering positive attitudes amongst leaders and staff as a way of driving improvement throughout organisations.

The lessons in What Makes a Great School are grounded in real evidence and first-hand experience.  As a leader of the ‘Good to Great’ programme and, previously Managing Director of Academies at United Learning, and now a Senior Leadership Advisor to United Learning and Dean of Leadership Faculty at Teaching Leaders, Andy has had the chance to see at first-hand a great deal of what some of the very best schools do and how they do it.

The book’s practical approach is complemented by Andy’s considerable knowledge of educational and business theory.  He simultaneously provides an applicable guide to the approaches of excellent schools and prompts further reflection that will stimulate new thoughts and ideas in anyone who reads it.

Andy’s love of education permeates What Makes a Great School, complemented neatly by witty anecdotes from his own experience.  Judging by feedback received so far, there is little doubt that it will encourage and guide leaders everywhere who are searching for a boost on their schools’ paths to success.

We are pleased to announce we have now given away every copy of the United Learning edition of What Makes a Great School. However, Andy has now published the book in Kindle format, and is available to purchase from Amazon for £5.58.

Please note, whilst it includes the same content as  United Learning edition, the Kindle edition is not affiliated with United Learning. 

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