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Students at Richard Rose Central Academy are celebrating their GCSE results today.

Students at Richard Rose Central Academy are celebrating their GCSE results today.

These results continue the progress that has been made at the academy over the past three years and is reflected in its Ofsted rating of Good earlier this year.

Students celebrating today include:

  • Amber Robinson who achieved two 9s, two Distinction*s, four A*s, two 8s and two As.
  •  Bethanie Robinson who achieved two 9s, 5 As, one 7, two Bs and a merit.
  • Adam Bulman who achieved two grade 8s, three A*s, one grade 7, four As and a Distinction.
  • Ruben Burt who achieved one 8, one A*, one Distinction*, one 7, five A grades, one 6 and one B.
  • Paige Douglas who achieved two 8s, one A*, one 7, one Distinction, two merits and three Bs.
  • Finn Gomes who achieved one A*, four As, two Distinctions, one 7, two sixes and one B.
  • Daniella Graham who achieved one A*, one A, one Distinction, two sevens, one six and four Bs.
  • Raquel Jacobetty who achieved one 8, one Distinction*, five As, two sevens, one B and one C.
  • Sophie McNichol who achieved one Distinction*, one 8, three As, one 7, one 6 and three Bs.
  • Martyna Migawa who achieved one Distinction*, two As, one Distinction, one 7, four Bs and two 5s.

Stephen Gilby, Principal of Richard Rose Central Academy, said: “I am very pleased that we have maintained the improvement we have shown over the past few years. Our students have once again shown a fantastic amount of determination and hard work in achieving their well-deserved results. I am so very proud of each and every one of them and all they have achieved during their time at the Academy. In particular, I would like to congratulate Amber Robinson and Bethanie Robinson on achieving the new top grade of 9 in English or maths. This is now the benchmark for the highest performers and it is great to see their hard work and talent being acknowledged.”

“These results come alongside another great set of A Level results last week. I would like to pay tribute to all our staff whose continued hard work and support has ensured that our students were able to make the most of their learning. Their commitment to their students has been unrelenting and we are very fortunate to have such dedicated staff across the school”.


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