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18 December 2023

Seamless Transition and Excellent Pedagogy: A Case Study on Implementing the United Curriculum

When Tracey Maxwell, the Department Head of History at Huish Episcopi Academy, embarked on the transition to United Learning, she discovered a treasure trove of support and clarity in the form of the United Curriculum.

Structured to instil confidence

Facing adjustments to both KS3 and KS4, Maxwell found solace in the "clear structure supplied by the United Curriculum," describing it as not just helpful but genuinely supportive. "One of the standout features is the abundance of support for teachers within every lesson pack. The clear modelling and exposition not only eased our way as educators but also empowered us to provide the same level of support to our students," Maxwell explained. The inclusion of model responses proved particularly beneficial for non-specialist colleagues, instilling confidence in them to deliver an enriched experience for their students.

Carefully designed

The meticulous planning of each unit and the transparent mapping of the entire curriculum ensure a well-defined pathway through every lesson and unit, catering to the needs of all students. Maxwell expressed her admiration for the United Curriculum's organisation, emphasising how vertical threads explicitly map out the features of power, identity, and connectivity across all units. "It's like a well-orchestrated symphony where every unit and lesson makes it abundantly clear what substantive and disciplinary knowledge is being imparted, enhancing the learning experience for all."

Visual guidance

The curriculum's thoughtful design extends to its visual elements, with consistent visuals across slides in each lesson and unit. This not only aids students with special educational needs (SEN) but also provides clarity for the entire student body. Maxwell noted, "The symbols strategically placed on slides act as signposts, guiding students through the disciplinary knowledge with ease."

Empowering teachers through sequencing

Teachers find themselves well supported with specially developed packs that not only instil confidence in planning but also encourage reflection on lesson achievements and forward-looking considerations. Maxwell spoke highly of the clarity in sequencing, stating, "Teachers, regardless of their experience level, can easily identify the content and skills that need to be reinforced for all students. The inclusion of clear timelines, maps, and pedagogy slides creates a cohesive environment within a department that boasts diverse experience and specialist skills, ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience for all classes."

In her role as a team leader, Maxwell expressed confidence in the provided materials, knowing that they lay the foundation for a shared, exceptional learning experience for all students. The United Curriculum emerges as not just a tool for academic guidance but a companion that makes the journey of teaching and learning a seamless and enriching experience.

For more information on how you or your school can benefit from the curriculum, click here.

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