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Primary curriculum

From expert sequencing to classroom resources, the United Curriculum for Primary delivers everything your teachers and subject leads need to ensure that pupils encounter high quality and challenging learning experience in science and foundation subjects.

At United Learning, we’re passionate about improving the life chances of the children and young people we serve. Our mission is to bring out 'the best in everyone' – pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.

We know that Primary teachers cannot be specialists in every subject. And there just isn’t enough time in the day to research ideas, sequence content, identify and prepare to pre-empt misconceptions, and then plan evidence-based, engaging lessons with scaffolding for individual pupils.

The sequencing of our curriculum gives subject leads the confidence to talk about and deliver their subject from EYFS to KS2 and beyond. The selection of ready-made and adaptable resources means teachers can spend more time tailoring resources for their individual class. With subject knowledge packs and high-quality resources, teachers are empowered to deliver the best possible lessons for the pupils they teach.

Designed by experts

Carefully sequences substantive concepts, disciplinary knowledge and vocabulary from Nursery, and makes meaningful links between subjects.

Empowers teachers by giving them the subject knowledge they need to teach the subject well.

Provides opportunities for pupils to see themselves reflected positively in the curriculum, and open their eyes to new perspectives.

Provides a wide range of resources, so teachers can focus their time on adapting them for individual classes – not developing resources from scratch.

“Leaders have constructed a curriculum for all pupils that is highly ambitious. There is absolute precision in what pupils will learn from Nursery to Year Six.”

Ofsted Report 2023, Hunningley Primary Academy

What's Included?

for KS1 & KS2

Comprehensive curriculum documents

Clearly setting out the substantive and disciplinary knowledge that will be reviewed and taught in each unit from Nursery to Year 6 and beyond, and how bigger concepts will be developed over time.

Lesson by lesson resources

Including slides that can be shared with pupils and – only where needed – resources that can be printed for pupils.

Teacher packs for every unit

Providing subject knowledge for teachers – which goes beyond what pupils need to know – as well as key tier 2 and 3 vocabulary, and common misconceptions and how to address them.

Knowledge Organisers and Pre- & Post-Learning Quizzes

Enabling the formative assessment of pupils throughout the curriculum, and providing tools that can be adapted according to a school’s policies. 

for EYFS (nursery to reception)

Continuous Provision Plans

A selection of comprehensive continuous provision plans designed to encourage quality learning. They include resource lists and prompts for children and practitioners. 

Photographs of Model Areas of Provision

A range of real areas of provision in schools and nurseries that can support and inspire practitioners.

Medium-Term Plans for Discrete Teaching

Well-sequenced, practitioner-led activities for each week in each of the seven areas of learning, linked to a half-termly theme. These resources provide a strong core structure and are easily adapted for individual settings and cohorts.

Why choose the United Curriculum


Allow teachers to make the best use of their time by removing the need to create resources from scratch.


Ensure consistency and continuity of provision for all pupils in all lessons, even when they are taught by supply or cover teachers.


Support all teachers - particularly ECTs and teachers new to year groups - with subject knowledge and evidence-informed pedagogy, and provide subject leads with a clear and coherently sequenced curriculum.

Research driven

Encourage evidence-based pedagogy with resources that are designed to deliver content in small steps, provide ample opportunities for modelling, guided and independent practice and review, and to minimise cognitive overload.


Ensure that all pupils can see themselves reflected positively in the curriculum, and that they are encouraged to see beyond their own experiences.

Meaningful links

Help pupils to make meaningful links between subjects and build knowledge from one subject to another, such as in sustainability and climate change.


Group 1



Each Subject

per pupil, per year, +VAT (20%)
Group 2



Religion & Worldviews


Each Subject

per pupil, per year, +VAT (20%)





Religion & Worldviews


ALL Subjects

per pupil, per year, +VAT (20%)

The United Curriculum is sequenced so that ideas are explicitly taught and revisited, ensuring concepts are deepened over several years. For this reason, the United Curriculum is available for a minimum term of three years, to help you maximise the benefits of the curriculum for your school.

In the early years, like the rest of school, there are no barriers to children’s achievement. The curriculum gives the children the skills, attitudes and knowledge to be successful in their learning now and in the future.

Ofsted, reporting on a school with more than 50% of pupils eligible for Free School Meals (March 2023)

Frequently asked questions

Can we trial the curriculum?

Absolutely. A selection of full units are available for you to download and try. The sample units cover all subjects and EYFS to KS2, so you can get a flavour of everything before you commit. Click ‘try it now’ to access the samples. 

What value can my school get from the United Curriculum?

Firstly, it gives you and your subject leads the confidence that you are delivering a well sequenced curriculum.

Ofsted have described our curriculum as being ‘highly ambitious… [with] absolute precision in what pupils will learn from Nursery to Year Six.’ [Hunningley, Outstanding, March 2023], and ‘Learning is well sequenced so that pupils learn important knowledge and vocabulary in the right order.’ [Silverdale, Good & Improving, June 2022].

Secondly, it supports teacher wellbeing and workload by providing high quality and pupil-friendly resources. Teachers no longer have to trawl websites or create resources from scratch – the United Curriculum allows teachers to just focus on how they should adapt the resources to meet the needs of their class.

Finally, it helps to ensure that every pupil is given access the same important knowledge and content – including when lessons are being covered by short- or long-term supply teachers.

Please note: The United Curriculum for Primary gives you a high-quality curriculum intent that you can adapt for your local content. It also provides you with the tools to implement it effectively – but no one can replace the teachers in your classrooms, and it is up to you to deliver the maximum impact.

What is the pedagogical approach of the curriculum?

Our curriculum is based on the Rosenshine principles, and you can read more about our approach to teaching and learning by clicking on the link.

From designing the curriculum, to delivering knowledge in small steps, to regularly reviewing and building on content, to ensuring that there are prompts for teacher modelling, to providing scaffolds for guided practice – our curriculum is entirely built on research. 

Of course, teachers using our curriculum can adapt it to meet their needs.

Which subjects are available in the United Curriculum for Primary?

Our curriculum includes resources for EYFS, Science, History, Geography, RE (Religion & Worldviews), Art & Design.

We have designed our curriculum so that knowledge is sequenced within and across subjects through the years. For example, concepts about climate change are threaded carefully across the curriculum, particularly in geography and science. For this reason, schools will see the most benefit when using the full package.

Are your lessons designed to be a particular length?

All our lessons are designed to fit into a 1-hour lesson (except science, which is 2-hour lesson). We know from experience that teachers find it easy to adapt our resources to their timetable.

What are the expectations of my school in using the United Curriculum?

Senior leaders should ensure that school timetables give enough time for curriculum coverage, and that subject leads have sufficient time to engage with the curriculum sequence. Teachers should adapt the lesson resources to meet the needs of their class.

To see more detailed expectations, click ‘Try it Now’ and look for the Expectations document in the ‘Whole School’ section.

How much does the curriculum cost?

Our curriculum is designed as whole school product, so the cost is at a per-pupil rate that is affordable for all schools. This per-pupil cost allows all your teachers and support staff to access all curriculum resources.

A curriculum is never ‘done’ and the central curriculum team are regularly responding to feedback and adapting resources. The rate is per year, to ensure that your teachers can always access the most up to date resources.

You can purchase individual subjects at a set cost per pupil, or together as a complete package. You can view our pricing packages further up on this page.

Note that, for KS1-2 subjects, rates are per pupil in the school; for EYFS only the rate is per pupil in EYFS.

Why is there a minimum term of 3 years?

The United Curriculum has been sequenced so that ideas are explicitly taught and then revisited, and that concepts are deepened over several years. Committing to three years will maximise the benefits of the curriculum.

Across all subjects, full units of resources are available to view, download and trial, so that you can fully explore what we offer before you commit to purchase.

Can schools subscribe to individual subjects, year groups or units?

Yes, you can buy individual subjects.

However, the beauty of the United Curriculum is that it has been very carefully sequenced, and knowledge builds across subjects through the years. For example, concepts about climate change are threaded carefully across the curriculum, particularly in geography and science. If you’re only implementing one or two subjects, teachers will need to pre-teach some content, or do some of this cross-subject sequencing themselves.

This careful sequencing means that it is not practical or possible to purchase individual year groups or units.

Can I subscribe to the curriculum as a single teacher?

The United Curriculum is designed as a whole school product. The curriculum has been very carefully sequenced so that content from one year builds into the next. It would be very difficult for schools to deliver the curriculum for one year group only, as the sequencing would be lost. 

We recommend trialling the resources and then speaking to your head teacher and getting in touch with us at to discuss a bespoke package for your school. 

Get in touch if you would like to keep updated about any changes in the future.

How will I be billed?

Click on the link below to provide information about your school, and we will send an invoice to your school business manager, which your finance team will be able to process as usual.

Who developed the United Curriculum for Primary?

The curriculum has been developed over several years in partnership with over 30 United Learning primary schools across the country, as well as some partner schools outside the group, led by qualified expert teachers and a wealth of experience in teaching in schools.

Do you have a similar curriculum for Secondary Schools?
If I subscribe to the United Curriculum, will I be expected to join United Learning?

No. The United Curriculum is a standalone offer that we think many schools can benefit from.

How is my data used and stored?

You can see how your data is used and stored by viewing our Privacy Policy here.

How teachers access United Curriculum

The United Curriculum uses Wonde to identify teachers in a school’s MIS who are then able to log on via Microsoft or Google single sign-on.  You can find out more about how we use Wonde and the data we require access by clicking on the link below:

Security & Compliance

We have security measures in place to prevent personal data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed unlawfully and follow strict procedures as to how your personal data is processed, to prevent any unauthorised person from obtaining access to it.  You can see more information on the security measures we have in place by clicking on the link below.

Are the resources the same as Continuity Oak?

No. The resources on Continuity Oak were produced during the Covid-19 pandemic to help students learning at home. We have retained those resources on Continuity Oak, and they can still be accessed free of charge, but they are not updated.

The United Curriculum is a complete curriculum package, and is reviewed and updated as necessary. It provides much more support for teachers and resources are designed to be adapted and used in the classroom.

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