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Accrington Academy Students Give Incredible Dance Performance

Accrington Academy Students Give Incredible Dance Performance

Students choreograph dance according to Fibonacci maths sequence

On Tuesday 10 July, Year 7 and 8 students from Accrington Academy showcased their dancing talent to the local community at the academy's 'Shine' Performing Arts Festival.

The performance was the culmination of six months' intensive rehearsals by the Lancashire students which began with a workshop led by professional dance company Balletboyz - during which they were joined by students from The Hyndburn Academy.  Having honed their dancing skills, the students then worked together to choreograph a contemporary dance to Carl Orff's O Fortuna.  If this challenge was not enough, the students also choreographed the piece using the Fibonacci Sequence and gradually increased the number of dancers according to the legendary mathematical sequence.

The production was one of the centre pieces of United Learning's Cultural Festival which takes inspiration from BBC Ten Pieces.  The Festival, which is part of the Group's commitment to deliver an Education with Character, seeks to unlock students' creativity and inspire them to try new things.

Across the country, United Learning students are being introduced to new types of music and art forms and asked to develop their own creative responses.

As well as the spectacular dance performance, last week's fantastic production was a whole school effort.  In a cross-curricular project, the Maths and Art Departments collaborated together to produce the backdrop for stage.  Using the Fibonacci sequence, the students created a magnificent four-leaf clover constructed from Fibonacci curves.

Andy O'Brien, Executive Principal of Accrington and The Hyndburn Academies, said:

"This production was much more than a dance performance; it was a fantastic showcase of our students' talents and was a perfect demonstration of our commitment to deliver an Education with Character.

This project has involved departments right across the curriculum giving our students the opportunity to apply new skills in a wide range of different situations.  The students performed exceptionally well and were a real credit to themselves and the academy."

Catherine Barker, Head of Performing Arts at United Learning, said:

"The Ten Pieces Festival has been a fantastic opportunity for United Learning schools to engage with classical music and ignite a passion within young people.  Each school in the Group has taken the task at hand in their own imaginative direction.

"Accrington Academy's modern interpretation of O Fortuna was mesmerising and it was fantastic to see the project span the curriculum.

Incorporating a complex maths sequence into a dance performance and a piece of art was ingenious and shows United Learning's commitment to give our students a well-rounded and broad education."


Posted: Jul 18, 2018,
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