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Barnsley Academy remembers those who 'shall grow not old’

Barnsley Academy remembers those who 'shall grow not old’

Those who 'shall grow not old’ were remembered by Barnsley Academy students, when the school commemorated the centenary of the end of the First World War.

On Friday 9th November, Barnsley Academy remembered the fallen with an engaging and inspiring programme of ‘immersive’ activities.  As well as creating a ‘Memory Tree’ featuring student tributes, the students also made a special wreath of remembrance in partnership with Field Lane Crafters and Stairfoot Ward Alliance.

The day’s teaching curriculum was refocused to reflect World War I with students participating in a special ‘Airplanes, Artillery and Ammunition’ science workshop in which they looked at the forces involved in making airplanes fly.  They also looked at the science behind the weapons and chemicals used in the war.

In English students participated in descriptive writing workshops and produced poignant compositions whilst performing arts students created a ‘Museum of Information’ featuring the sights and sounds of war.  This culminated in moving performances of monologues and witness statements.

To deepen students’ understanding of the Great War, 30 GCSE students visited the Imperial War Museum North in Greater Manchester whilst a group of younger students participated in workshops at Barnsley Museum.

Commenting on the school’s commemorative activities, Barnsley Academy Principal Stephen Dixon said:

“No matter how long it has been since WW1 ended, it’s incredibly important that we still remember and celebrate the unbelievable courage of the men and women who fought for our country.”


Posted: Nov 13, 2018,
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