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Castle View Academy Students Inspired to Aim High

Castle View Academy Students Inspired to Aim High

On Tuesday 30th October, students from all year groups at Castle View Academy were inspired to aim high and overcome any obstacles when they listened to a motivational talk by Paralympic silver medalist, Elizabeth Wright.

Australian swimmer Elizabeth Wright spoke to the students at the Paulsgrove school about her journey to the Sydney Paralympic Games in 2000.  She told the students how at the age of 13 she set herself the seven year goal of competing in her home country’s Games.  She described the numerous setbacks she encountered along the way – including being disqualified for swimming the wrong stroke at her first national competition!

Her talk formed part of the school’s Education with Character launch which aims to instill three key values in each student: ambition, determination and kindness.  Wright shared with students how these three values helped her to realise her dreams and how they can help them achieve theirs.  Students were then asked to pledge how they will put these values into practice in their own lives.

Student Courtney said:

‘Her story was so inspirational!  It shows that no matter what you think of yourself, you can always achieve your dreams if you work hard and persevere.  That is part of the pledge I made today – to not give up on myself or those around me.’

Laura Watford, Education with Character Coordinator at Castle View Academy, said:

‘The idea of educating children holistically is not a new concept but it is so easily overlooked when we are pressed for results and student achievement.  The three values we identified this year were chosen by the students themselves which means they have bought into the concept of Education with Character because education is so much more than just following a curriculum and getting good grades.  Hearing Elizabeth Wright’s story today has really reinforced the importance of Education with Character for our students and I’m so excited to see where they go with these values and how they will put them into practice.’


Posted: Nov 6, 2018,
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