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Hull Collegiate School Pupils Meet the PPE Challenge

Hull Collegiate School Pupils Meet the PPE Challenge

Prep Pupils Make Face Masks for Healthcare Workers

Two Hull Collegiate Prep School pupils have responded to the national calls for more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for NHS workers and have begun making their own.

Emma and Lizzy Norris, whose mother is a GP working for the Bridlington Primary Care Network, spent their Easter holidays making face masks for those working in GP surgeries in Bridlington.

The face masks are made of 3D printed coloured visors which are printed by a volunteer in Withernsea.  The girls then add a clear shield and some elastic and the visors are ready for the health professionals to wear!

The girls’ mother, Dr Zoe Norris, said:
“We are very proud of the girls both for their hard work generally during lockdown, but also for always being willing to help whenever they can. This reflects the ethos of Hull Collegiate School and why the girls are so happy there.”

The girls said:
“We’ve been clapping for carers every Thursday evening and when we saw Mummy and Daddy making visors for healthcare workers, we wanted to help out. We were happy to give our time to provide essential PPE to the NHS; to help protect them from coronavirus. It was nice to help the NHS workers and hopefully make a difference.”

Antje Kell, Head of Hull Collegiate Prep School, said:
“We are so impressed by how Emma and Lizzy have used their initiative to help the NHS at such a critical time.  Their enterprising spirit and willingness to help others are attributes we strongly encourage at Hull Collegiate and we are incredibly proud of what they are doing.”

It’s not just Hull Collegiate School pupils who are rising to the challenge; Physics teacher Paul Fong has also been using a 3D printer to print face shields for local GPs and hospitals in Hull.

Paul Fong said:
‘’It’s not much but if it helps key medical staff do their job safely, I’m happy to set my printer off producing a handful face masks each night. The 3D printing community, from individuals to global corporations, are putting their printers to use so it’s great to work as part of a team too.’’


Posted: Apr 21, 2020,
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