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Living by numbers!

Living by numbers!

A group of Year 11 students from William Hulme’s Grammar School have it all figured out after attending the 2019 Maths Fest in Birmingham.

Held at the New Alexandra Theatre on Tuesday 29th January, the event celebrated maths as an exciting, useful and rewarding subject and showed students how maths applies in all areas of day-to-day life.

The event also gave the William Hulme’s students the chance to hear from and question a host of famous mathematicians.  Speakers included:

  • Applied Mathematician at the University of Oxford and keen guitarist David Acheson;
  • Best-selling maths author and Maths Fest co-founder Rob Eastaway
  • Maths lecturer and television presenter Hannah Fry.

The speakers spoke about a wide range of mathematical topics – from waves created by an electric guitar and calculus with snowballs, to the patterns hidden within prime numbers and even pigeons using maths to detect cancer!

Commenting on the experience, Year 11 student Liya Shazad said:

“Maths Fest was great as it showed me how maths is used in everyday life and its various applications, including determining how long someone goes to prison for, through the use of Algorithms.  My favourite part was the talk from popular mathematician Dr Hannah Fry and the speaker who had an electric guitar!”

Faheem added:

“The stand-out moment for me was when the audience got to meet two of the main hosts of ‘Numberphile’ – a maths Youtube channel with over two million fans, including me!”

Peter Mulholland, Principal of William Hulme’s Grammar School, said:

“As a school committed to providing an Education with Character, Maths Fest was the ideal opportunity to show students how exciting maths can be and the incredible opportunities available to them should they choose to study the subject further, with our fantastic Sixth Form an excellent starting point!”


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