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Magical Maths!

Accrington Academy's mathematical wizards take top spot in numerical challenge

Accrington Academy's students proved they were wizards with numbers when they took first place in a Harry Potter themed maths challenge.

Held at William Hulmes' Grammar School (WHGS) near Manchester, the event saw Year 7 students from across United Learning competing against each other in a variety of numerical challenges.

On arrival at WHGS, all those taking part were led into the school's assembly hall which had been decorated in the style of the great hall from Hogwarts, before being split up into 'houses' and competing against each other in three challenges - herbology, defence against the dark arts and potions class - all with a mathematical twist.

Explained Abbie Kenyon, a member of the Accrington Academy team:

"For the herbology challenge, we had to design a symmetrical garden to scale. For the defence of the dark arts section, we had to solve a murder mystery using prime numbers to crack the code, whilst for potions class we had to figure out a series of riddles."

At the end of the contest, the Accrington Academy team took first place and the house cup (and individual certificates), thanks to the collective efforts of team members Dolcie Power, Harrison Heys, Halle Carnell, Chloe Whittle, Briony Day, Louise Heron, Dominic Pilkington, Abbie Kenyon, Jessica Kellet, Joanna Wooten, Asad Haq and Farhan Ahmed.

Commenting on the team's success, Accrington Academy Principal Andy O’Brien said:

"The themed challenge at William Hulmes' Grammar School was an excellent way of not only engaging students in maths, but also giving them the opportunity to integrate with other students from the Group."

Posted: Jul 14, 2015,
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