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NOA’s Ark Nursery pupils explore Banbury’s history and identity through nursery rhyme

NOA’s Ark Nursery pupils explore Banbury’s history and identity through nursery rhyme

Last week at NOA’s Ark Nursery in Banbury, staff and pupils made local nursery rhyme ‘Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross’ the focus of their learning as part of their involvement in United Learning’s IDeas Festival.

The festival, which is running from the 20th June to the 20th July, is a celebration of pupils’ ideas about identity, school and community culture and involves a series of regional and local events across the country within United Learning’s schools.

As part of the IDeas Festival, NOA’s Ark nursery children spent a week looking at photos, maps and talking about what they love about their local area of Banbury – with the historic nursery rhyme as the central theme. Each child then put together their own creations based on this, with some excellent results even from the youngest pupils!

For the under 2s, this meant creating a hand print with individual finger prints as the ‘rings on her fingers’ mentioned in the rhyme. The Nursery’s two and three year olds made their own abstract art pieces based on their ideas about the rhyme.

The older children spent a considerable amount of time planning out their creations! They talked about the history behind the rhyme and the images within it. They were also very keen to use their creative writing skills to describe what they had seen on their trips to the centre of Banbury and how they got there.

At the end of the week, NOA’s Ark held their very first Fun Day to round off the IDeas Festival celebrations. This included an art gallery of all the children’s work around the Banbury Cross rhyme – from their paintings to creative writing – as well as craft activities and games for families and visitors. The event culminated in a Hobby Horse race where the children and parents enjoyed a short race to see who could be the fastest.

Emma Coles, Manager of NOA’s Ark Nursery, said:

“Taking part in IDeas Festival gave us the inspiring theme of identity to base our annual Fun Day on. In particular, it was a fantastic opportunity to look at the area in which we live in more depth. Children and staff really engaged with the festival theme and we all enjoyed using Banbury’s history and our shared local identity as the focus of the week’s work and play.”

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Posted: Jul 3, 2017,
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