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Prime Minister invites Wye School art students to display their work at 10 Downing Street and praises them as 'wonderful artists.'

Prime Minister invites Wye School art students to display their work at 10 Downing Street and praises them as 'wonderful artists.'

Six Year 12 students from Wye School 6th Form met the Prime Minister, the Education Secretary and the Schools Minister to discuss their art work which was displayed in the White Drawing Room of 10 Downing Street for the day. The White Drawing Room is where the Prime Minister meets visiting Heads of State and the Wye School art was displayed alongside old masters including two paintings by Turner.

The six students spent time explaining the inspiration behind their portfolios to the Prime Minister Theresa May and Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education.

The students were accompanied by Luke Magee, Principal of Wye School and art teacher Sarah Smith.

Luke Magee said:

“This was such a privilege for our students to see their work displayed in Downing Street and to meet the Prime Minister. I was very proud of the quality of their art and it was clear that the Prime Minister and Damian Hinds were impressed by their work. She called it 'brilliant' and he called it 'wonderful.' It was a real honour to see our students representing the school at such a prestigious and high profile event.”

“I know how busy the Prime Minister must be and so it was particularly impressive that she took so much time to talk to our students and learn about their work. She asked some really quite perceptive questions about the symbolism and meaning of each of their pieces."

 Sarah Smith, their art teacher who accompanied them, said:

"What an amazing experience for all of us, I'm so incredibly proud of our students. To hear them talk with such passion about their work to the Prime Minister was such a joy.'

Jacob Eason, Year 12, said:

"Seeing my art piece take such a journey, from my Kent garage to 10 Downing Street, is incredible. It was amazing to be able to share my art with such amazing people."

Eva North, Year 12, said:

"It is almost impossible to put such an amazing experience into words, the Prime Minister and her team received us so warmly and the Prime Minister's genuine interest in our work was evident. I had a spectacular day."

After the event, Wye School received a letter from the Department for Education which included the line ‘please do pass on our thanks to your students who are not only very talented artists, but are extremely engaging young people- they were all a credit to your school yesterday.’


Posted: Jun 3, 2019,
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