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Red Box Project Now ‘Live’ At The Regis School

Red Box Project Now ‘Live’ At The Regis School

The Red Box Project is aimed at combating Period Poverty for disadvantaged girls with the aim of helping them stay in school throughout the month. To do this, the project collects donations of underwear and sanitary protection from members of the public and places them into schools, in red plastic boxes. When girls are in need of products, but don't have easy access to it at home (for whatever reason), rather than miss school, they can come to a trusted member of staff, ask for the red box, and take whatever they need to get through their period. That includes whole packs of different absorbencies, night pads, and even tampons, if required for PE, for example. The project also provides underwear and modesty bags.


The Regis School will have two Red Boxes, one located in the Sixth Form study area and one located in Medical.


“On behalf of the student ‘A’ Team, I think that the Red Box Project is excellent!  As a Rights Respecting School, no girl should lose the right to her education because she cannot access sanitary products when needed.  We are really pleased that our school has got involved in this project.” 
Megan Bryant-Lawson, Chair Student ‘A’ Team.


“I am delighted to be part of the Red Box Project.  No student should have their learning affected due to being unable to access sanitary products when they need to.  This project will have a positive impact on attendance and ensure that our students continue to achieve well in their studies.” 
Mr Mike Garlick, Principal


“I am so very pleased to have The Red Box Project at The Regis School. Now every female student has access to sanitary products to help combat period poverty in our school community.” 
Miss Yola Harvey, Health & Wellbeing Manager


What is the Red Box Project?  The Red Box Project quietly ensures that no young woman misses school because she has her period.

Working as a nationwide community of women, The Red Box Project seeks to provide free sanitary items for the young women in our local schools.

Photograph provided shows:
Miss Yola Harvey - Health & Wellbeing Manager, Megan Bryant-Lawson (age 13)  - Student ‘A’ Team Chair, Mr Mike Garlick – Principal


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