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Right on Track: Highly Encouraging Ofsted Report for Avonwood Primary School

Right on Track: Highly Encouraging Ofsted Report for Avonwood Primary School

Avonwood Primary School in Bournemouth has received a highly encouraging Ofsted report.  The inspection, which was carried out as part of the process to establish Avonwood as a stand-alone school, highlighted some particular strengths of the school and confirmed that the school is likely to meet all the relevant standards when a full inspection is carried out.

Earlier this year, Avonwood de-coupled from Avonbourne Girls’ Academy with which it had had unusual admissions arrangements as part of which boys at Avonwood Primary School were automatically offered a secondary school place at Avonbourne Girls’ Academy.  To resolve this anomaly, Avonwood Primary was required to decouple from the Girls’ Academy and establish itself as a new stand-alone school.  In practice, this change has had very little impact on anyone at the school and Avonwood Primary continues to operate in exactly the same way and work closely with Avonbourne Girls’ and Boys’ Academies.  All three schools are located on the same site.

During their two day visit, inspectors were particularly impressed by the school’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils across all areas of the curriculum and identified the promotion of the United Nations ‘Earth Charter’ as being a key part of this.

Inspectors also had praise for the school’s:

  •        Behaviour and rewards approach which ‘encourages pupils to know right from wrong, with a strong focus on use of praise to help raise pupils’ self-esteem, be proud of their achievements, to always try their best and learn from their mistakes’;
  •        Building and grounds which ‘boast ample space for pupils to engage in a range of physical activity’ and for pupils to play outside;
  •        Safeguarding policy and training processes;
  •        Leadership and management, with inspectors recognising how leaders and staff ‘work well as a cohesive team, drawing on each other’s expertise to bring about improvements’;
  •        ‘Recovery’ PSHE curriculum adopted in light of the pandemic.

Welcoming the report, Head Teacher Chris Jackson said:

“We are greatly encouraged by the feedback from Ofsted who were impressed with many aspects of our school, particularly the way we have dealt with the challenges presented by Covid.  The report is testament to our team of dynamic and inspirational staff who constantly seek to raise standards and enhance the learning experiences on offer here.  Likewise, we are fortunate to enjoy the support of our parents and Local Governing Body who are actively involved in the life of our school.  By working together, I have every confidence that Avonwood will continue to go from strength to strength.”


Posted: May 5, 2021,
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