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Salisbury Manor Primary School Pupils Shine In Christmas Talent Show

Salisbury Manor Primary School Pupils Shine In Christmas Talent Show

Over the past week, pupils at Salisbury Manor Primary School have enjoyed showcasing their singing, dancing and other unique skills as part of the school’s very own festive talent show Salisbury Manor’s Got Talent.

Ahead of the much-anticipated talent show, children across the school eagerly perfected their acts ready for the class heats. After performing in front of their entire year group, one winner from each class was selected to progress to the Grand Final, held last Friday.

On the day of the final, the school hall was filled with excitement as the contestants sat excitedly waiting for the judges to arrive. They included Principal David Booth, staff member Dorcas Ologunde and pastoral lead Nathaniel Jones who was also runner-up in Britain’s Got Talent’s 2009 competition as part of dance troupe Flawless.

From comedy, dancing and singing while completing a Rubik’s Cube to piano playing, ninja moves and hula hooping, the pupils’ talents were varied and acts were expertly performed. Showing support for their peers, pupils in the audience cheered and sang along to songs they recognised, creating an atmosphere of togetherness and joy.

From the array of talent, the judging panel then had the difficult task of choosing the final winner. First prize went to Cecily for her excellent rendition of a medley of songs on the keyboard.  

Giving pupils the opportunity to nurture talents that are unique to them and express themselves on a public stage is all part of the academy’s commitment to delivering an Education with Character. This means ensuring that pupils have all the tools and support they need to become happy, confident and creative young people.

Nicholas, a Year 3 pupil at Salisbury Manor Primary School, said:

“This was the best day of my whole life; can we do it again tomorrow?”

David Booth, Principal at Salisbury Manor Primary School, said:

“It was wonderful to see pupils across the academy showcasing their inspiring talents with such confidence and joy. Following a difficult past eighteen months, I am so proud of our pupils for continuing to pursue their individual passions – whether it be an instrument, a sporting skill or comedy. Well done to all those who took part, especially our winner Cecily. We are very much looking forward to giving our pupils more opportunities like this when we return in the new year.”


Posted: Dec 20, 2021,
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