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Sell, sell, sell! Glenmoor and Winton students invest on the London Stock Exchange

Glenmoor and Winton students have been trying their hands at being traders this term as they seek to grow their money in a series of investments.

With the support of London-based investment company, City Pay it Forward, the students have been competing in an investment competition.  Working in teams, the students have been given a fictitious £500 and they have to choose which four companies in the FTSE 100 to invest it in.

Students have been ‘investing’ their money in companies such as ITV, Diageo, Coca Cola and Rolls Royce.  They are now monitoring the share prices very carefully to see how their portfolios are doing.  Each week they check the stock market to see if their shares have gone up or down

Stuart Ingram, Principal at Glenmoor and Winton Academies, said:

“This project is so much more than just about making money.  It is teaching our students about the importance of money and how they need to think very carefully before spending it.  The students are really enjoying being traders and are watching the markets closely to see how much their investments are making.  There is huge excitement when the students realise that their portfolio investments are proving profitable!

“The students have learnt a lot from working with the traders from City Pay it Forward.  As well as learning about the London Stock Exchange, they are finding out that there is a very strong correlation between hard work and success – something that will stand them in good stead as they progress through school, university and into the workplace.”

Student Heather Gulliver said:

“This competition was very engaging and exciting even though it tests your patience and your competitiveness.  It makes you very resilient which is helpful in everyday life.  This project has helped a lot with understanding that you don’t always win and that you will be knocked down but you can get back up again and that if you work really hard you will succeed.”

Posted: Nov 8, 2017,
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