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Spirit of Rio Day 5: Stockport Academy Girls Take the lead for Capoeira

Spirit of Rio Day 5: Stockport Academy Girls Take the lead for Capoeira

A group of students from Stockport Academy took centre stage last week at United Learning’s Spirit of Rio festival launch to perform capoeira to their peers.

The students performed the Brazilian martial art, which combines elements of dance and acrobatics, to the eight other schools in attendance. Then, as part of their participation in United Learning’s X-Elle programme – an initiative which aims to increase girls’ confidence and leadership skills through sport – the students taught the routine to their audience. Working with peers of different ages and abilities, and within a short time-frame, the students succeeded in pulling together to perform as one large group.

Despite some initial nerves, the Stockport Academy students explained how much they enjoyed leading the groups and meeting other young people through X-Elle, as well as the positive impact that the programme has had on girls in their school. 

They are all looking forward to the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer and will be celebrating the Spirit of Rio through a week of themed learning.  

“I was so nervous at the start but then as the session progressed I got more confident talking to my group and so did my peers. When we were teaching them the dance, everyone developed their leadership skills so that was great. At the end of it, everyone was very confident talking to people from different areas.” - Jasmine, Year 10

“It has definitely made us more confident in teaching and talking to other people, especially those from other schools.” - Mya, Year 8

“We were pretty nervous at first but when we got into it and everyone started to understand it then it was easy to enjoy ourselves.” - Lulu, Year 10

“We’ve made new friends through doing it. You’re not judged here – not everyone knows how to do capoeira so you’re all learning together. - Lucy, Year 9


Posted: Jun 24, 2016,
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