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Take heart - Carter Community School installs new defibrillator

Take heart - Carter Community School installs new defibrillator

Carter Community School is helping to save lives, with the installation of a new automated external defibrillator (AED).

The Hamworthy-based school has registered the new defibrillator with South Western Ambulance Service, so that those local residents calling 999 will be made aware of its existence and are able to use it.

The device, which is used in the event of someone experiencing a heart attack (cardiac arrest), comes with clear instructions, as well as a number for users to dial, where step-by-step guidance can be give over the phone whilst waiting for an ambulance. The chances of surviving cardiac arrest decrease by 7-10% with every minute that passes after a person's heart stops beating, so quick and easy access to an AED can help to save lives.

Carter is also making the local community and other nearby schools aware that the AED is now available, should they ever have need of it.

Carter Community School’s Principal Sam Davidson said:

“As a school at the centre of its community, it’s incredibly important for us to not only have access to this life-saving equipment, but to be able to make that support available to the wider community.”


Posted: Apr 12, 2017,
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