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The Regis School Celebrates ‘Best Ever’ GCSE results!

The Regis School Celebrates ‘Best Ever’ GCSE results!

The Regis School students are celebrating excellent GCSE results this year, notably in English and maths, building on last week’s best ever A Level results.

57% of students achieved five or more A*-C grades including a 4 or above in both English and maths – their best yet!

The new Basics measure at 4+ in English and maths rose by a significant 12% to 60% this year with 40% achieving at 5+.  Maths achieved 63% grade 4 and 45% grade 5 while English achieved even higher at 72% grade 4 and 59% grade 5, both achieving best ever results!

Pupil Premium students made significant progress this year on the Basics measure at 4+ with a 15% increase in those achieving this important grade compared to last year.

The percentage of top A*-A grades also rose by a third including students achieving the new top ‘9’ grade in English and maths.  The top 15 academic students have achieved a staggering 113 A-A** (inc. new grade 7-9) grades between them showing the school’s continued ability to achieve at the highest level.  These top academic performing students include (in alphabetical order):

  • Kimberly Barnes achieving 1 grade 8, 1A*, 4As, 2 grade 7s and 2Bs
  • Morgan Bryant achieving 1 grade 8, 1A*, 4 As, 3Bs and 2 grade 5s
  • Inge Casey achieving 1 grade 8, 1A*, 6As, 2 grade 5s and 1 C
  • Monica Defreitas achieving 1 grade 8, 5 A*s, 2 grade 7s and 2Bs 
  • Ben Hauxwell achieving 1A*, 4As, 2grade 7s, 1 grade 6, 1B and 1C
  • Chloe Hughes achieving 2A*s, 3 grade 7s, 3As, 2B and 1C
  • Phoebe Martin achieving 1 grade 8, 3 A*s, 2 grade 7s, 4As and 1B
  • Alice Mitchell achieving 3 A*s, 2As, 1 grade 7, 2 grade 6s, 2Bs and 1C
  • Rosie Mitchell achieving 1 grade 9, 1 grade 8, 3A*s, 3As, 1 grade 7, 1B and 1C
  • Harry Nash achieving 1 grade 9, 1 grade 8, 1A*, 2As, 1 grade 7, 4Bs and 1C
  • Kasjan Paszkowski achieving 1 grade 9, 4A*s, 5As, 1 grade 6, 1 grade 5 and 1C
  • Ben Patten achieving 1 grade 8, 1A*, 5As, 2 grade 6s and 2Bs
  • Caitlin Smith achieving 2A*s, 2 grade 7s, 2As, 1 grade 6, 2 Bs and 1D
  • Louis Smith achieving 1 grade 9, 3A*s, 3As, 2 grade 6s, 1B and 1D
  • Emma Warburton achieving 1 grade 8, 2A*s, 2As, 2 grade 7s, 2Bs and 2Cs

The Regis School also celebrates progress as much as top academic performance with the following top four students making the most progress over their time at The Regis School:

  • Ben Hauxwell (as above)
  • Charlie Mariner achieving 1A*, 2Bs, 1 grade 4, 3Cs, 2 grade 3s and 1 D
  • Phoebe Martin (as above)
  • Nafsin Uddin achieving 2 grade 8s, 2A*s, 2As, 1 grade 6, 1B and 2Cs
  • Jennifer Harmsworth also received a grade 9 for English, making 5 students who received this new top grade.

Jo Lewis, Vice Principal overseeing Year 11 said:

“I am delighted with our results this year that reflect the hard work by both students and staff.  These results will enable our students to either join our successful Sixth form or go on to have successful futures in their chosen next steps.”

Mike Garlick, Principal, said:

“These ‘best ever’ results are true testament to the rapid improvements made over the last few years at The Regis School.  Although we have increased the percentage of top grades, I congratulate all students across the year group for their successes at every level.  The recipe of great teaching and learning support, a strong focus on behaviour, and inspired, hardworking students is paying significant dividends and I am hugely proud of our successes this year.  As a United Learning School our aim is to bring out ‘the best in everyone’ and we are proud to have achieved this!”

Student quotes:

Head Girl Emma Warburton:

“I am really happy with my results and that the years of hard work paid off.  I want to thank my teachers as their efforts really made the difference.”

Jenny Harrmsworth:

“I was overwhelmed with my results – in fact I couldn’t breathe!  I am especially pleased with the grade 9 in English and want to thank all my teachers for their support, especially my English teacher Mr Lelliott.”

Alice Mitchell:

“I am really happy with my results!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Regis School and would like to thank all my teachers for their support.”

Harry Nash:

“I am really happy with my results.  I am thankful for all of the hard work my teachers have put in and couldn’t have done this without them.”

Ben Hauxwell:

“I am over the moon with my results!  Thanks to all my teachers and other staff for your support over the years that have helped me get these grades”


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