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The Totteridge Academy celebrates World Book Day by welcoming Rick Edwards

The Totteridge Academy celebrates World Book Day by welcoming Rick Edwards

Last week, students and staff at The Totteridge Academy celebrated World Book Day by immersing themselves in a week of literary activities, including a writing workshop led by Rick Edwards.


As an accomplished journalist, screenwriter and television presenter, Edwards’ visit was invaluable to the students’ academic learning. Each year group took it in turns to spend an hour in the library with Edwards where they participated in an engaging writing session and got the chance to ask him questions about his life and career – including making the transition to becoming a writer.


The presenter gave the students advice on how to come up with a suitable writing topic, some of his best tips for dealing with writer’s block and encouraged them to have confidence in their imaginative and creative abilities. The students left the session with a greater sense of how to make their writing resonate with different audiences and feeling inspired to develop their literary talents.    


Alongside the workshop, students spent the week getting involved in other exciting, reading-related activities. Teachers across the school put together special book boxes which students were able to use during their lessons, alongside the usual subject-specific textbooks, to support their learning. In tutor time, students also listened to passages from their teachers’ favourite children’s book and tested their literary canon knowledge with a book-related quiz.


World Book Day is an annual event organized by UNESCO to promote reading and to encourage young people to explore the world of literature both in school and in their free time. As part of the event, each student received a National Book Token which they can use to buy one of ten specially selected novellas or get a £1 discount off any book.


Chris Fairbairn, Principal of The Totteridge Academy, said:


“Every year, we look forward to celebrating World Book Day, as an excellent opportunity for our students to honour some of the greatest authors and illustrators as well as sharing their favourite books. We were particularly pleased to be able to welcome Rick Edwards to our school, whose workshops on writing and his personal insight and experience has inspired our students to tap into their creative side and see where their love of reading can take them.


“In all we do, we seek to provide an ‘Education with Character’ for our students and days like this bring the curriculum alive and encourage them to explore new avenues and ideas. I know that the skills, advice and confidence that they have gained from these sessions will be put to good use as they continue in their learning over the academic year.”


Posted: Mar 27, 2019,
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