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Three dedicated planning days for United Learning Academies

All United Learning academies to have at least eight inset days per year

We know that teaching is demanding.  We cannot change that – children deserve the best we can give them and so inherently our jobs mean that we all demand a lot from ourselves and each other.  We are continually seeking ways to make it as easy as possible for each of us to do the best job we can, and we are invested in the wellbeing of all colleagues across United Learning. This is a key aspect of making each member of staff's professional experience as good as possible.

From September 2017, each term all our academies will start with a ‘planning day’, where every school is closed to pupils and teachers will be able to prepare for the term ahead.  To allow this to happen, all our academies will have at least eight INSET days per year from next academic year onwards.  For most schools, this means three additional INSET days.

We hope that giving staff this additional time to prepare will be good for you, your health and wellbeing.  We also think that providing more preparation time before the pressures of the term begin will be beneficial for all teaching and therefore for the education children receive.

Posted: Jul 6, 2017,
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Author: Jess

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