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Trombonists give special concert at Silverdale Primary Academy

Brass was in class when trombone quartet ‘Slidin’ About’ put on two special concerts for pupils at Silverdale Primary Academy.

Held at the school on Friday 27th January, the performances were organised by Live Music Now, a charity who take skilled musicians at the start of their careers and train them to work in different settings, including schools. Their concerts also provide an opportunity for pupils to be inspired by quality live music performances.

Whilst at Silverdale, the four musicians also taught the youngsters about the history of the trombone and its place within an orchestra, as well as bringing in replica instruments for the children to play.

Commented Dominic Crane, music teacher at Silverdale Primary Academy:

“It’s been a fantastic experience for the children. As well learning about instruments from proper musicians, they’ve also had the chance to see them being played in a real concert, which will hopefully inspire them to take up a musical instrument themselves.”

Posted: Feb 17, 2017,
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