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Two Local Schools Go Above and Beyond for British Science Week

Two Local Schools Go Above and Beyond for British Science Week

The Hyndburn Academy hosted local primary school pupils in new, state-of-the-art labs for special crime scene investigation. Students at Accrington Academy completed range of exciting Harry Potter-themed science challenges.

At The Hyndburn Academy, students and staff welcomed children in Years 5 and 6 from local primary schools to take advantage of the school’s recently refurbished, state-of-the-art science labs. This included pupils from St John’s Primary School, Great Harwood Primary School, Rishton Methodist Primary School and St. Peter and St. Paul’s, all of whom returned to their own schools with microscopes donated by the Academy.

For the special event, staff at the academy set up a crime scene for the children and led them in a series of fun and educational experiments. In their role as investigators, pupils learnt how to take fingerprints and carefully collect samples of evidence and DNA. They then used the school’s new lab facilities to analyse the samples and carry out a number of experiments, including flame tests and chromatography, to find out who had committed the crime. Throughout the session, the children also made use of award-winning classroom app Learning by Questions which helped to further solidify their learning.

When asked to rate the session out of 10, one inspired primary pupil said: 
“I give it an 11. Now we know science is the most fun subject."

Another pupil, Anisa, from St John’s Primary School, said:
“We never realised that science could be this cool!”

At Accrington Academy, the activities were just as exciting for British Science Week. Students in Years 7 to 9 got the chance to take part in a range of one-off Harry Potter-themed science classes. The theme was inspired by the school’s recent World Book Day celebrations, where many of the students celebrated the popular wizarding series by attending school dressed as their favourite characters.

During the dedicated sessions, Year 7 enjoyed Professor Snape’s Potions Class and the Masterclass of the Half-Blood Prince. The students involved looked at different chemical reactions by mixing potions together on the Marauder’s Map and then performed flame tests on samples of Dragon’s Drool to find out who had been training their dragon in the Great Hall.

In Year 8, students were challenged to make a launcher for Madam Hooch’s training snitches. To do this, students worked in teams, applying their knowledge of force and aerodynamics to build the most efficient catapult they could. They then then put their creations to the test in an inter-class competition to see which team’s catapult could launch their golden snitch the furthest.
Meanwhile, Year 9 were given the task of helping Hagrid to power the famed Hogwarts carriages. In groups, the young people had to construct balloon-powered carriages, which then went head-to-head in a race to see which team had created the safest, fastest and most durable vehicle. 

James Kerfoot, Headteacher of Accrington Academy, said:
“At Accrington Academy we strive to bring out the best in all our students and deliver a well-rounded Education with Character. This means providing our young people with enriching opportunities, like this, where they’re able to learn new skills, improve their teamwork abilities and face new challenges head on. It was fantastic to see our students throw themselves into the Science Week challenges earlier this term and be so inspired and energised by their science work.” 

Nicola Palmer, Headteacher of The Hyndburn Academy said:
“We were delighted to open our doors to primary schools from across Hyndburn and give them the chance to use our fantastic new science facilities. At The Hyndburn Academy, we are always looking for ways that we can work with our local community and positively impact the people and places around us, so it was fantastic to be able to provide our local children with this fun and educational experience during British Science Week.”


Posted: Apr 24, 2020,
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