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Walthamstow pupils enjoy day celebrating culture and diversity

Walthamstow pupils enjoy day celebrating culture and diversity

Pupils, staff and parents at Walthamstow Primary Academy joined up for a day celebrating diversity within the school and wider community.

As part of their ‘Cultural Heritage Day’, pupils and staff came to school dressed in traditional clothing or colours that reflected their heritage. In lessons, the children then had the chance to discuss why their clothing is special to them and what it represents. By each sharing stories and experiences of their own culture, the children were also able to deepen their understanding of the diverse range of traditions and customs within the school community.

Parents also joined in the celebrations on the day by bringing in a wide selection of traditional foods for the pupils to share. Children who were accompanied by their parents got the chance to try a number of these dishes and learn more about the important role that food plays in different customs around the world. This contribution from parents and family members helped to make the day a memorable whole school affair and brought the many different cultures to life.

As well as being a fun and exciting day for pupils, special events like this complement the excellent learning they are already doing as part of their PSHCE lessons at the academy. In these lessons, pupils across the school are taught about different communities around the world and the importance of respecting all types of values and beliefs.

Speaking about the day, a Year 2 pupil at the academy said:

“My family is from Albania and Poland. I enjoyed wearing my Albanian traditional outfit to school. We also got to make are very own Wild Things mask.”

A Year 3 pupil added:

“I found Cultural Day an exciting way to learn about other cultures. I liked listening to the story from Poland. I liked dressing up and talking about my culture in class.”

And a pupil in Year 4 said:

“I loved that we learnt about a cultural story from Somalia. It made me feel proud of where I come from.”

James Hucknall, Principal of Walthamstow Primary Academy, said:

“At Walthamstow Primary Academy we value our rich cultural background and all that our diversity brings to school life. Giving our pupils the chance to experience new cultures and traditions and encouraging them to celebrate one another’s differences is all part of how we deliver an Education with Character.

“I would like to say thank you to everyone who took part in our ‘Cultural Heritage Day’ for their time and support in making this invaluable event such a success. It was fantastic to be able to celebrate with our pupils and their families and we look forward to creating similar opportunities for them in the future.”


Posted: Oct 16, 2019,
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