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Barnsley Academy is First Yorkshire School to Partner with National Music Trust

Barnsley Academy is First Yorkshire School to Partner with National Music Trust

Through the Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MiSST), every Year 7 student at Barnsley Academy will receive a trumpet or clarinet alongside free tuition

Barnsley Academy has become the first school in Yorkshire to partner with national charity the Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MiSST) – opening up a host of opportunities for incoming students.

MiSST helps to provide classical music programmes at schools across the UK, prioritising those in disadvantaged areas that might not otherwise receive access to these opportunities. Founded in 2013, the charity is funded in part by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. 

By working in partnership with MiSST, Barnsley Academy will benefit from funding for classical instruments as well as practical support in the form of regular tuition and a ‘programme of excellence’ aimed at 11 to 14-year-olds who may wish to take GCSEs and A Levels in Music in the future. 

In September, every Year 7 student at the academy is set to receive either a trumpet or clarinet and music lessons will follow MiSST’s prestigious Andrew Lloyd Webber curriculum. Over the next three years, the programme will expand to Years 8 and 9 and offer a wider range of classical instruments. Following the programme’s completion, Barnsley Academy hopes to host a full orchestra made up entirely by students at the school. 

Throughout the programme and beyond, students at the school will also be given the opportunity to perform at an array of exciting events in world-renowned venues. For instance, next year, Year 7 students across all 25 of MiSST’s partner schools including Barnsley Academy will be invited to perform at the trust’s 10th Anniversary concert at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London. 

Naveed Khan, Principal at Barnsley Academy, said:

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for our school and for our students, allowing them to deepen their music learning and access new skills and experiences. We are always determined to provide a rich, broad and inspiring curriculum and this new partnership with MiSST – the first for Yorkshire – will support us by enabling all our new Year 7s to learn a musical instrument. 

“Whilst our Year 7s will be the first to benefit in September, we look forward to developing the programme with MiSST over the next few years so that new students joining our school can enjoy the same dedicated music tuition and performances. With such a proud heritage in music across Yorkshire – from colliery brass bands to successful modern artists – it will be fantastic to see our students continuing the tradition for the future.”

Rachel Landon, CEO at MiSST said: 

“MiSST are thrilled to be partnering with Barnsley Academy from September 22nd and it will be our first in Yorkshire. The school, like us, are dedicated to bringing opportunities to children who may not have been able to afford this provision and understand the positive impact that a high quality music programme can have on children. Students will receive a minimum of three years tuition and will be following our curriculum – named The Andrew Lloyd Webber programme – which has had a significant impact on the lives of so many children around the country. We can't wait to see the new Year 7’s playing at our 10th Anniversary Concert in April 2023 at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane.”

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber commented on the impact that MiSST has on young people’s lives: 

“Engagement in the arts changes lives. The positive impact of the arts on health, social mobility and well being are now irrefutable. I passionately believe that everyone in this country, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, should be able to participate and I am thrilled that MiSST's music programme will make a difference for these young people.”


Posted: Jun 30, 2022,
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