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GCSE celebrations get underway at Richard Rose Central Academy

GCSE celebrations get underway at Richard Rose Central Academy

There were celebrations today at Richard Rose Central Academy as students received their GCSE grades, following another challenging year due to the pandemic.

This year, GCSEs were awarded following Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) due to the cancellation of external examinations. As part of this assessment process, students at Central Academy sat moderated examinations and completed a variety of coursework to demonstrate the progress they had made.

As students received their grades, the day was an opportunity to celebrate their hard work over many years and look ahead to the next chapter in their lives. A high number of Year 11s will now be preparing to return to the school’s Sixth Form in a few short weeks – which has seen its own successes already this week.

On Tuesday, Sixth Formers enjoyed a very strong set of university offers, with a number of students securing places at Russell Group institutions and one student heading off to the University of Oxford.

 For today’s Year 11s, the highlights included:

  • Alexandra Tryka, who was awarded six Grade 9s, three Grade 8s and a Distinction;
  • Ella Kershaw, who was awarded five Grade 9s, three Grade 8s and a Grade 7;
  • Amber Newey, who was awarded six Grade 9s and three Grade 7s;
  • Bonnie Chung, who was awarded three Grade 9s, a Grade 8, three Grade 7s, two Grade 6s and a Distinction;
  • Wiktoria Maslak, who was awarded a Grade 9, three Grade 8s, a Grade 7, three Grade 6s and a Merit.

Commenting on their achievements, Dan Markham, Principal at Richard Rose Central Academy, said:

“All Year 11s receiving their GCSE grades today will have faced a challenging year and should all be congratulated for their perseverance during this period. For our own group of students at Central Academy, I know how much this will mean to them and how hard they have worked – not just through the ups and downs of the pandemic, but for the past five years of their secondary schooling.

“Beyond these qualifications, the knowledge and skills these students have gained through their GCSE studies will ensure they can take their next steps successfully and with confidence. What is particularly gratifying that so many of them will be returning to our Sixth Form to continue their studies at A Level and begin to look ahead to university, further training and beyond. We can’t wait to welcome them back.”


Posted: Aug 12, 2021,
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