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Grandparents Top of the Class at Bournemouth Collegiate School!

Bournemouth Collegiate School opened its doors for its very first Grandparent’s Open Morning at the School. Some 40 grandparents were welcomed to the school and were immersed in a normal school morning and discovered just what their grandchildren’s schooling is like. Many had travelled from afar especially for the event, including the west coast of Scotland.

Principal, Stephen Duckitt, hosted an initial welcoming reception and talked about the differences in education today and what the grandparents might have experienced during their time at school. Grandparents were then taken on a tour of the school and were invited to join in a live lesson.

David and Katie Harvey, grandparents to Cameron S-Harvey who sat in on a year 9 Spanish lesson taken by teacher Miss Diaz said, “The pace was fast and furious. There was great interaction between teacher and pupils which makes it easier to learn. We were taught how to conjugate a verb – past, present and future AND we got it! The teaching was superb.”

John and Gaye Irons, grandparents to William Aitchison sat in on an English lesson with teacher Mrs Dean. They both said, “Mrs Dean was absolutely brilliant, she held everyone’s attention and she made poetry interesting. Her passion for her teaching is fantastic…she captivated pupils and was so inspiring.”

Geoffrey and Patricia Wilkes, grandparents of Ethan Dowler sat in on Art lessons with Mr. Coulter and Mrs Coupe. They were equally enthusiastic and commented, “Students were given options on what to do and the way that they followed it through was unbelievable. The variety of their work is incredible.”

The morning’s visit to BCS was of extra special interest to James Wilkins, grandfather to Ryan Wilkins. Mr Wilkins had previously worked at the school some 59 years ago as a gardener. He reminisced about all the produce that used to be grown in the grounds for use in the school kitchen.

Stephen Duckitt said, “What a great morning! There was a real BCS family feeling at the school today. It was wonderful for grandparents, parents, uncles and children to be together and share their environment. There was so much positivity from both young and old. It was a real success and definitely something that we want to repeat again.”

Posted: Oct 10, 2012,
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