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Sheffield Park’s in the Frame!

Sheffield Park’s in the Frame!

Snooker star Steve Davies returns to academy for educational scheme

On cue! That's Sheffield Park Academy students who are in the frame once again today for an exciting educational scheme based around snooker.

Run by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) as part of its world wide grass roots development programme, ‘Cue Zone Into Schools’ had its initial launch at the academy in April 2013, with the objective of developing the game within schools using a concept known as Functional Snooker.

Now six times world snooker champion Steve Davies and the WPBSA’s Chris Lovell return to the academy today (23rd January) to once again promote Functional Snooker, which uses the game to help promote student learning and which has been recognised by OFSTED as good practice in teaching maths through sport.

Explained Chris Lovell:

'The basic concept of Functional Snooker is to remove traditional scoring, replacing it with numbered balls which retain their values, whilst others have symbols to indicate whether to multiply, subtract or use addition to calculate the value of the shot.'

There are already 16 local schools taking part in the initiative, with the WPBSA supporting the provision of 32 World Snooker Coaching Scholarships which will enable teaching staff in each school to train and become snooker coaches. Student scholarships are also available with full support on establishing ‘Cue Zones’ in each school, as well as an invitation to take part in Functional Snooker sessions at the 2015 World Snooker Championships.

As part of the scheme and supported by the Paul Hunter Foundation (see below), Sheffield Park Academy has now received a full size snooker table and training for its staff, enabling them to provide coaching to the students via the academy’s BTEC sports provision.

Commented Sheffield Park Academy Headteacher Craig Dillon:

'This is an excellent way of bringing the subject of maths to life for our students so we're very happy to once again support this exciting venture.'


Posted: Jan 23, 2015,
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