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William Hulme’s Grammar School celebrates GCSE results

Students and staff at William Hulme’s Grammar School are today celebrating their GCSE results.

73% of students received 5 or more A*- C grades including English and maths with 33% achieving the Government’s designated EBACC.

An impressive fifth (20%) of students gained at least 5 A/A* grades, including:

  • Mairead Fitzpatrick with an excellent 8A*s and 4As;
  • Iram Raja, who earned 7A*s and 4As;
  • Malena Maharjan’s, who achieved 6A*s and 5As;
  • Daniel Goss and Alexander Yan with a strong 4A*s and 5As each;
  • Anthony Cheung’s 4A*s and 4As;
  • Jack Sun with 3A*s and 5As;
  • Emily Jones’ 3A*s and 2As;
  • Peru Edmondson with 2A*s and 8As;
  • Insiya Khedapa’s 2A*s and 6As;
  • Ayesha Mahmood’s 2A*s and 7As;
  • Holly Shirley Rush with 2A*s 7As;
  • Sarah Chaudury with 2A*s and 3As.

Peter Mulholland, Principal of William Hulme’s Grammar School, said:

‘We congratulate our students on their success today with some very strong individual results which set them up for their future in our 6th Form. These come on top of some strong A Level results last week and I thank all our staff for their hard work in encouraging our students to perform to their very best.’

Posted: Aug 22, 2014,
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