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Less stress, more support for high-flying generation

3 March 2014

Anorexia cases have surged with the pressure to succeed in and out of the classroom, says Fiona Boulton, headmistress of Guildford High School

Considering the best way forward for 1 to 1 projects in 2014

25 February 2014

Dominic Norrish address the pros and cons of 1:1 learning

Is Android Finally Providing a Convincing Alternative to...

20 February 2014

Technology Director Dominic Norrish discusses the pros and cons of Android devices

The great divide – Jon Coles on independent schools and...

13 February 2014
Chief Executive Jon Coles discusses bridging the gap between state and independent schools

A Royal College of Teaching Would Improve Educational...

15 November 2013

A professional association would distance teaching from political interference and improve practice, argues Jon Coles

A New Professionalism and the Royal College of Teaching

24 October 2013
Jon Coles argues that the teaching profession must now step up and take greater responsibility for itself, and that doing so means establishing a new College of Teaching.

It Comes Down to Trust

Andy Buck, Managing Director - Academies for United Learning, explains how school leaders can create a climate of engagement within staff (pg 64)

29 April 2013

United Learning: A Case Study in Developing and Retaining Talent Across A National Group

An article by Andy Buck and Josie Maydon in Teaching Leaders Quarterly

5 April 2013

Stability Will Raise Standards in Schools, Not Constant Reform

Reducing the amount of government-led change and creating greater stability for teachers would be a better way to improve schools, writes Jon Coles

12 February 2013
The ‘will he, won’t he?’ coverage of the decision not to abolish GCSEs has understandably focused on the politics of the situation. The sharply different priorities of the main political...

Professionalism and Independence – The Case for a Royal College of Teaching

Could a new Royal College create a virtuous circle of encouraging exceptional performance amongst teachers, with higher standards and higher status, and so make teaching more attractive to the most talented graduates...

28 January 2013

Accountability Works. Lets Have More of It.

At the heart of much of what passes for debate about education is one false dichotomy or another. Subjects or skills? Breadth or depth? Rigour or well-being? The only rational response to such...

The Paradox of Education Reform

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