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If you lead on Pupil Premium…

16 March 2018
Over the last few months we’ve been using webinars at United Learning to connect school leaders who lead on particular issues. Here’s a summary of our recent webinar on Pupil Premium, with thanks to...

Flexible working: a key solution to recruitment and...

9 March 2018
In a recent article in Schools Week, Laura McInerney argued that flexible working for teachers would only deepen the current recruitment and retention crisis in a similar way to that of GPs in the last decade. 

Tackling teacher workload and creating a culture of...

15 January 2018

Another headline about teacher stress and the pressures in the sector last week. No wonder the teaching profession is facing a recruitment and retention crisis.

The teacher recruitment and retention challenge

17 November 2017
At a visit to a secondary school a while ago I met a group of pupils and asked them, what one thing could make their school better?  The clear answer from all the pupils was a consistent teacher they could...

Considering the best way forward for 1 to 1 projects in 2014

25 February 2014

Dominic Norrish address the pros and cons of 1:1 learning

Is Android Finally Providing a Convincing Alternative to...

20 February 2014

Technology Director Dominic Norrish discusses the pros and cons of Android devices

Stability Will Raise Standards in Schools, Not Constant Reform

Reducing the amount of government-led change and creating greater stability for teachers would be a better way to improve schools, writes Jon Coles

12 February 2013
The ‘will he, won’t he?’ coverage of the decision not to abolish GCSEs has understandably focused on the politics of the situation. The sharply different priorities of the main political...

Professionalism and Independence – The Case for a Royal College of Teaching

Could a new Royal College create a virtuous circle of encouraging exceptional performance amongst teachers, with higher standards and higher status, and so make teaching more attractive to the most talented graduates...

28 January 2013

Accountability Works. Lets Have More of It.

Far from there being too much of it around, there is too little. It’s time for everyone to take responsibility, argues Jon Coles

11 January 2013
At the heart of much of what passes for debate about education is one false dichotomy or another. Subjects or skills? Breadth or depth? Rigour or well-being? The only rational response to such polarised debates is to...

A Royal College of Teaching

A Prince’s Teaching Institute workshop last month saw the first principles emerge of what a Royal College of Teaching could look like. Jon Coles argues why teachers should have such a body.

18 October 2012

The Paradox of Education Reform


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